About Us

Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for E-Courts in India (TLCOEECI) is a specialised techno legal initiative of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). The aim of this initiative is to provide techno legal research and development in the field of e-courts and e-judiciary. TLCOEECI would strive towards ensuring legal enablement of ICT systems in India so that stakeholders like Lawyers, Judges, Law Students, Legislators, etc can be benefited by our techno legal expertise. TLCOEECI would also help in sorting out and removing of redundant and outdated laws that should be removed from the statute books.

E-courts cannot operate in isolation and on the mere strength of E-Governance or Digital India. Policies have been formulated from time to time under our E-Governance initiatives and Digital India project but their actual implementation is always missing under all governments. TLCOEECI would act as a catalyst to implement e-courts project in India and other jurisdictions.

Similarly, e-courts project is also related to other projects like Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), Cyber Forensics, E-Discovery, Digital Preservation, Cyber Security, Cyber Law, Telecom Law, etc. The Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000) has become outdated and there is an urgent need to amend laws for Cyber Law and Indian Telegraph Act. TLCOEECI has the advantage of providing techno legal assistance and expertise in these areas as Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has already been providing these services for many years.

The techno legal services of TLCOEECI can be availed of by all national and international stakeholders. Please contact us for professional techno legal services.